MuleSoft has teamed up with DayCamp4Developers to put together one full day of API talks by today’s thought leaders. Best of all, this event takes place online. That means anyone with a browser can attend, and it’s FREE!

You’re not going to want to miss this exciting event where our speakers will be talking about the API landscape, building and designing your API, and ensuring that use it. So mark your calendars and join us on November 7th for this very special edition of DayCamp4Developers sponsored by MuleSoft.

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Anypoint Studio October 2014, Mule 3.6.0-M2 and 3.5.2 released

Today we’re releasing Anypoint Studio October 2014, Mule 3.6.0 – Milestone 2 (M2), and Mule 3.5.2. This release includes new HTTP capabilities which make it easy to connect to RESTful APIs with RAML, and productivity enhancements inside Anypoint Studio – such as DataSense for APIkit and a new Studio launcher.

Financial services information technology (IT) has transformed from order taker to strategic business partner. As part of this transformation, IT organizations are finding they must address key challenges with legacy modernization, data management and digital transformation.

MuleSoft is launching a three-part white paper series discussing these challenges and how financial institutions are overcoming them. At the core of each of these challenges is the need for a new level of connectivity. Financial services organizations must seamlessly integrate applications, data and devices and it is those organizations that are able to embrace these challenges–those “connected financial institutions”–that will win.

Companies who identify and expose core capabilities as well-defined, well-managed APIs are essentially making their business “programmable.” For these businesses, APIs act an innovation layer that allows them to quickly capitalize on new market opportunities, engage with their customers in more personalized ways and collaborate more effectively with partners. In essence, APIs are the new fabric enabling agility and fueling competitiveness.

While APIs are enabling strategic initiatives across the business, investment in API programs tends be driven by one of four strategies:


The world has officially gone mobile – global mobile traffic now represents 15% of all internet traffic (source: Flurry Analytics, Oct 2013) and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba now transact 30% of their revenue over mobile devices (that’s $2.5B in mobile commerce revenue in 2013). Today, every application that touches a customer, partner or even employee must be available as a mobile app. And the easiest, most efficient way to serve data from a backend system to a mobile app is through a RESTful API.

Citrix Modernizes BizTalk with

To stay relevant, today’s businesses have to adopt SaaS applications, cloud services, and API technologies and integrate them with their legacy systems. In SearchSOA this week, MuleSoft customer and Citrix integration developer Vinod Sangaraju discussed how Citrix has deployed CloudHub and is planning to use MuleSoft’s new solutions for to fill BizTalk integration gaps.

Vinod Sangaraju, Citrix Integration Developer

Citrix Systems integration development manager Vinod Sangaraju found the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform when searching for an iPaaS solution to connect Citrix solutions with Salesforce, Marketo, Workday, and other cloud and on-premises applications. His search was driven by Microsoft BizTalk’s limited SaaS connectivity. His team had been filling that gap by using Microsoft BizTalk for on-premises integration scenarios and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, in particular CloudHub, for cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integration. That wasn’t ideal, he said.

This year at Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce announced Wave, its new cloud analytics platform. It’s designed to make it easier than ever to explore data, get insights, and take action from every device. MuleSoft is proud to be part of the Salesforce analytics cloud ecosystem, allowing every business user to make data-based decisions quickly and easily.

is one of the most valuable assets for any business. With the combined power of Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft and Analytics , it is easier than ever for an organization to gain actionable insights from all their data.”

Together, we will transform the way that business users interact with their data, with MuleSoft providing the critical connectivity across applications, data and devices.”

- Ross Mason, founder and vice president of product strategy at MuleSoft

Stu on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Could Big Data Start a Healthcare Revolution?


himss asiapac14Healthcare Week at AsiaPac14 was extraordinarily successful! – 1200 people attended from countries around the world, and 80% of attendees were there to evaluate new technologies.

What was clear from listening to the attendees is that data is going to be changing the landscape in a very dramatic way. Healthcare providers are going to need to be more aware of patients in context, particularly as access to expands, and the wearables industry is going to provide more and more of that context – and more and more data – as the devices are adopted and get more use in clinical settings.  But an overwhelming amount of data doesn’t mean that it’s actually useful for professionals.  The secret to unlocking big data’s potential is to turn it into narratives that can be acted upon for positive outcomes.

Join us for the latest installment in the MuleSoft webinar series – Connect Faster to Drive Value: A Strategies for Rapid IT. In this webinar, Ross Mason, Founder and VP of Product Strategy at MuleSoft will discuss innovative IT approaches that have evolved out of leading businesses no longer able to compete without connecting their assets to audiences.


Why can these businesses no longer compete?

In the new era of connectivity, the line is blurring between businesses being providers of goods and services and being providers of information. The winners in this “Connected Era”, from brick-and-mortar industries to API-centric start-ups, are increasingly determined by the quality of, and access to, their real-time data. Channels and partner ecosystems are won and lost based on how easily they can access key data and integrate with core business process. This requires a drastically different approach to IT service delivery.

I am excited to announce that our October release of Anypoint Platform for APIs is now live. This update to the platform includes a new design of the API management page as well as two new features:

  • Custom policies
  • Custom terms and conditions for API access

UI updates

We have redesigned the API management page to make it faster and easier to access the tasks required to get an API configured. You can now design, share and manage your API directly from a single page. Additionally you can find quick links to documentation for each of these steps.

This past weekend, our developer relations team attended CalHacks, the biggest collegiate on the West Coast, drawing over 1,800 student hackers from all over the US.

The event, which began on Friday, featured an intense 36 hours of coding and learning, featuring tons of fun for every participating team. Collectively, there were over 200 projects submitted!

Beyond the impressive logistics into making this event possible, we were blown away by the the team work on display by the cadre of student organizers at UC Berkeley.

CalHacks was a first of its kind event, and we were thrilled to be part of it.