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How many web sites/web services have you wished you could just interact with over the command line? Sometimes, you just want to type commands in your shell. I can name at least 3 of our products which I’ve wished I could do that with: iON, MMC, and Tcat.

There are some challenges though. Bash/BAT file scripts don’t provide facilities to interact with web services. Then, if you go with a cross platform language, you have to write cross platform scripts and provide a way to distribute it.

We thought we’d make this easier, so we wrote Mule Jockey, a tool to turn annotated groovy scripts into a cross platform distribution of shell scripts.

It’s really easy. First, write your command. For example:

Many Mule users create RESTful services but they are not always clear on the way to authenticate and apply  to a RESTful Web Service. I have seen questions about this topic so I decided to write a tutorial that covers a common use case. We’re going to use Jersey, Spring and LDAP and of course Mule to pull  it all together.  I will show you how to do the following:

  1. Expose resource using Jersey
  2. Secure the REST resource using HTTP Basic Authentication
  3. Authenticate and authorize users against an LDAP Directory
  4. Apply authorisation based on users groups to this REST resource